Trace Individual Supply Chains and Specific Ingredients From 'Farm to Fork'

inSYTE™ is a global ingredient and product management platform that facilitates a transparent, traceable global supply network.

Individual supply chains and specific ingredients can be traced from “Farm to Fork” and “Seed to Shelf” using inSYTE™’s cloud based online technology platform.

inSYTE™ is available to Retailers, Suppliers, Growers, Importers, Exporters, Finished Food Manufacturers, Traders, Agents and Brokers.

By utilising inSYTE™ tools you can ensure your company complies to industry regulations on product traceability and supply chain monitoring.

You can also simplify your Due Diligence review (for audit or commercial purposes) by using data on your complete supply network, stored on inSYTE™’s secure servers

"inSYTE™  is exactly what we needed for communicating the transparency of our supply chain to Retailers."
  1. Multi level security (incl. user level cross site scripting & default private supplier data)
  2. Uses the latest in cloud technology – making the system reliable, efficient and accessible
  3. inSYTE™ utilises a co-location strategy for our domain servers
  4. Login and access inSYTE™ from anywhere in the world, 24/7
  5. Sign up and go- no additional local software installation necessary
  6. Supported by a ‘tried and tested’ systems architecture i.e. SupplyTrak©