Turn-Around Time Calculator

Turn-Around Time Calculator

If your sample is received on:

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We have a variety of Turn-Around Time (TAT) options to meet your business needs. You can get your results by:

Date Time TAT Option Surcharge

* Not available for Yeast and Mold.

*Please check with Customer Service to ensure that our Same Day service is available for your specific sample type.

Note: Report times are based on CT (Central Time). The surcharge percentage is added to your quoted test price. For instructions on submitting a sample, please click here.

If you have questions or need to change the Turn-Around time for your order, contact Customer Service: 641-472-9979 X 0, email info@genetic-id.com.

Genetic ID US – New Site

You’ve reached the new Genetic ID NA Website.

Genetic ID is now FoodChain ID Testing. What we do hasn’t changed, only our name and our URL.

If you’ve bookmarked the site, please change it to https://www.foodchainid.com/testing/us