Supplements Services

This service is part of our Scientific and Regulatory Expertise in health nutrition to help you design and launch your products in Europe, USA and Asia, through a panel of services : Novel Food consulting evaluation, Regulatory Compliance & notificationHealth Claims, …

Service Details for Formulation

Formulation development according to :

  • Appropriate regulatory conditions (regulatory status, specific countries, claims)
  • Specific requirements (galenic form, quality, price)
  • Health benefits and safety



Research, analysis, selection and recommendation of ingredients according to their scientific substantiation and regulatory compliance.

Development of a theoretical formulation, taking into account appropriate efficacy and safety dosage of selected ingredients, potential additional ingredients more likely to be identified and recognized by consumers, other ingredients that may allow the use of Health claims.



Galenic development

  • Identification of suitable contract maufacturers depending on the galenic form.


Scientific substantiation

  • Completion of a scientific file substantiating the efficacy and interest of the ingredients used for the targeted health application, with bibliographic reference


Regulatory authorization
Validation of the authorization of the selected ingredients in accordance with specifications and selected dosages.

  • Support for label compliance
  • Notification registration through authorities