The Food Fraud Database

Protect Your Brand from Food Fraud

The Food Fraud Database is a curated, searchable database of food fraud records to support GFSI-required vulnerability assessments in foods, beverages and animal feed. The database is supported by FoodChain ID subject matter experts, who continually enhance the database and support customers in use of the tool.

Support for GFSI Required Assessments

Industry-leading tool for compliance to GFSI-benchmarketed standards mandating food fraud vulnerability assessments

Customized Alerts Based on Business Risks

Identify trends and vulnerabilities through a customizable dashboard, powerful search capabilities, automated analytics and weekly alerts

Global Reach in Source Records

Currently over 13,500 records gathered from scientific literature, media publications, regulatory reports, judicial records and trade associations worldwide

Dashboard Based on Your Ingredients

Dashboard 2 Food Fraud Database1. Continual updates to database

2. Track ingredients based on saved user groups

Powerful Data Analytics to Track

Food Fraud Database Analytics3. Manage analysis by time series, ingredient comparison, geography, analytical method and associated adulterants

4. Example of heat map by ingredient