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Regulatory Compliance

Three essential tips to ensure compliance with meat alternative regulations

Varying regulations, frequent changes and complex language make it difficult to meet and maintain compliance. This article will review three essential tips to ensure compliance with meat alternative regulations in multiple markets.

As the demand for plant-based foods continues to surge, the meat alternative industry is experiencing rapid growth in multiple markets worldwide. While market expansion in this sector is an exciting opportunity, regulatory requirements vary depending on country and jurisdiction, increasing the complexity of meeting and maintaining compliance. Regulatory compliance professionals play a crucial role in helping companies navigate the evolving legal landscape while staying innovative and ahead of the competition. This article will review three essential tips to ensure compliance with meat alternative regulations in multiple markets.

Tip 1: Conduct Market Research
Performing thorough market research is essential to proactively identify potential challenges and implement compliant practices from the start. The research should encompass several key areas, including legal requirements, lab testing and certification requirements and import and export regulations. Digital tools including FoodChain ID’s Regulatory Library can help make the research process more efficient, allowing you to easily search and identify regulations that are relevant to your ingredients or products.

Here is a brief example comparing regulatory requirements for meat alternatives in the U.S., the EU and China:

Tip 2: Transparent and Accurate Labeling
Consumers are increasingly conscious of what they consume, and they expect clear information about ingredients, nutritional values and potential allergens. Failure to provide accurate information on labels could lead to consumer mistrust, especially in new and growing sectors.

Tip 3: Build a Network of Legal and Regulatory Experts
Compliance with meat alternative regulations in multiple markets requires a multidisciplinary approach. To address the complexities of different legal frameworks, it is essential for regulatory professionals to build a network of legal and regulatory experts familiar with each market’s unique requirements. FoodChain ID delivers high-level subject matter expertise for consulting based on business needs, budget and timelines.

Varying regulations, frequent changes and complex language make it difficult to meet and maintain compliance, and errors can lead to delays, lost capital and damage to brand reputation. We know that meeting regulatory requirements can be complicated and time-consuming, but it doesn’t have to be.

FoodChain ID provides digital solutions to enable instant access to global regulatory data and expert consulting to fit your needs, so you can be confident that your products will meet and maintain compliance in target markets each step of the way.

Innovative Digital Tools and Next-Level Expertise – How can we empower your team?

Effectively research and stay up to date with regulatory information

FoodChain ID’s Regulatory Library by Decernis is a global regulatory reference database, providing instant access to regulations to determine the compliance status of products and substances.

Efficiently analyze the compliance of your food ingredients, products and portfolio

FoodChain ID’s Regulatory Assessment by Decernis simplifies complex global regulations into an easy-to-identify compliance management dashboard providing an effective and automated way to manage and control the compliance of products.

FoodChain ID’s Regulatory Limits by BCGlobal is a suite of regulatory intelligence services providing pesticide and veterinary drug MRLs, contaminant limits and food additive regulations. Learn more .

Specialized expertise

Our experts have provided consulting on a variety of projects around the world. Consulting services are delivered on a project basis, or through on-call expertise with our Expertise as a Service solution. Learn more and get in touch with our team to discuss your next project.

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