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The FoodChain ID ProFarm system consists of two main elements: The FoodChain ID ProFarm Standards and the FoodChain ID ProFarm Certification Protocol.

The FoodChain ID ProFarm Standards, comprising the FoodChain ID ProFarm Production Standard and the FoodChain ID ProFarm Chain of Custody Standard, were developed in response to market demand for a certification and verification solution for environmental sustainability and social responsibility in agriculture that is flexible and nimble to encompass scale of production in terms of large crop areas and multiple crops.

The FoodChain ID ProFarm Production Standard is applicable to primary production for all agricultural crops. The FoodChain ID ProFarm Chain of Custody Standard is applicable to industrial processing operations receiving ProFarm certified products. The Standards were designed to comply with European Feed Manufacturers’ Federation (FEFAC) Soy Sourcing Guidelines and include soy produced from genetically modified and non-GMO systems.

The aim of the FoodChain ID ProFarm Standards is to link the value chain between production and demand of commodities while providing full traceability. This encourages

  • wider adoption of good agricultural practices
  • the protection of high conservation value areas, the environment and biodiversity in general
  • engagement of rural workers and the community

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