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FoodChain ID Weekly Market Watch – November 29

The weekly synopsis of top stories making the headlines from FoodChain ID's Chief Revenue Officer, Brandon Taylor.

By Brandon Taylor, Chief Revenue Officer


Italian Government Bans Cultivated Meat and Restricts Plant-based Meat Labelling

The Italy government announced the passing of a bill banning the production and marketing of cultivated meat. The measures, which also restrict labelling for plant-based products, aim to protect Italy’s traditional food culture.

Source: FoodNavigator


Research Suggest More Packaging Could Cut Food Waste

Packaging can play a greater role in keeping produce and other foods fresh, thereby minimizing food waste, according to research led by Michigan State University’s School of Packaging and AMERIPEN.

In the United States, food waste in landfills doubled from 1990 to 2020 and is the source of 58% of fugitive methane emissions from municipal solid waste landfills, according to data shared by the U.S. EPA this year. Researchers cited data showing 40% of the food supply is wasted each year, with 43% of that happening at the consumer or household level.

Source: FoodDive


European Union-New Zealand Trade Deal Limits Market Access Based on Animal Welfare

The European Parliament approved the EU-New Zealand free trade agreement (FTA), marking the first time the EU has ratified a trade deal limiting market access based on animal welfare standards. The FTA is also the EU’s first to include binding commitments to the Paris Agreement and core International Labor Organization standards. 

Source: Food Ingredients


United Nations Releases Report on Climate Action

The United Nations released its 2023 edition of the Yearbook of Global Climate Action at the UN Climate Change Conference. Conclusions include:

(1) The opportunities to accelerate climate action exist but scale up is needed.

(2) International cooperation across sectors and actors should be increased.

Source: UN Climate Change Conference

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