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Accelerate Product Development Using End-to-End Collaboration

13 December, 2022

Built specifically for the food & beverage industry, our solution supports digital collaboration with suppliers and cross-functional team members and automates the collection and transformation of data from start to finish.

Watch our on-demand webinar to see how leading food and beverage brands leverage our solution to gain advantage in innovation.

Why FoodChain ID’s Recipes & Specifications?

  • A single source of truth for your teams – a collaboration hub centered on trusted information
  • Powerful recipe development tools allow you to prototype and optimize with speed
  • Immediately understand the impact of any changes on cost, nutrition, allergens, ingredient lists and more
  • Collect information from suppliers electronically, then automatically incorporate into your specifications and recipes
  • Automatically create recipe information sheets, finished product specifications and labels
  • Reporting, workflows, approvals, advanced search, regional nutrition data/rules and more