Redesigning Sugar

As the race for newer and better sweeteners continues, an Israeli startup company recently announced that they have created a new product in the form of sugar crystals that have been redesigned to taste sweeter.  It is anticipated that products could contain up to 40% less sugar in a product and still taste sweeter.  This new sugar will be branded under the name Incredo as many people greet this idea with some disbelief.  Incredo adds tiny silica particles to the sugar crystals to expose a greater surface area of sucrose and add viscosity.  It can be used in multiple applications including cookies, candies, baked goods, etc.  Commercial production is set to begin later this year with an undisclosed North America distributor.

Recent surveys indicate that up to 70% of Americans and over 60% of Europeans are concerned about the amount of sugar they consume.  Many countries are adding warning labels to products containing more than a few teaspoons of sugar and taxing them increasingly.  While Aspartame is around 200 times sweeter than sugar, it does not taste exactly like sugar.  Redesigning sugar crystals may help fill this sensory gap.  Regulatory and consumer pressures are driving continual innovation in this area, and it is likely that new sweeteners will continue to enter the market.

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Posted on 20 October 2020