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Why do we call ourselves IDers, you ask? Well, we identify with our mission to make it easier to keep the food supply chain safe and transparent and identify with how we can impact our communities. We also listen to our customers to transform their ideas into reality. Hence IDers.

Mission Driven

We believe we play an essential role in making food safe and transparent


We are convinced when all employees feel like owners, they truly share in our success, hence our Equity

Technology with Human Expertise

Our customer solutions are a combination of our employee’s subject matter expertise and technology

Fast Paced Growth

Our track record of growth and our lean organization leads to fast decision making and innovation


Our Nine IDentifiers are embedded in all we do and show how we interact with each other

Global Reach

We are in more than 15 countries and building a truly global, growing company


When and where applicable, we encourage flexibility to increase the balance between personal and professional life

Our IDentifiers — When you work with us, you will be able to identify with our actions and decisions in the following nine IDentifiers:
  1. We empower our teams to make decisions
  2. We understand and enable our customer’s success
  3. We communicate transparently and honor our promises
  4. We are objective and leverage data to inform decisions
  5. We are proactive and quick to respond
  6. We develop the best solutions by working together
  7. We embrace creativity and innovation
  8. We are committed to continuous learning and building expertise
  9. We push boundaries and welcome change
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