Regulatory Compliance

FCM Packaging Compliance: Declaration of Compliance Global Challenges & Solutions

Learn how to meet Food Contact Material (FCM) packaging Declaration of Compliance global challenges.

Any Food Contact Material (FCM) must be supported by a Declaration of Compliance / Conformity to be sold.

The process to create this declaration is challenging because it needs to pass through multiple steps, including:

  • Identification of the applicable Global Product Regulatory Frame
  • Ingredient Assessment versus multiple positive and negative lists
  • Risk Assessment
  • Test Management
  • Definition of the DOC in specific formats

FoodChain ID experts will navigate across the global challenges of FCM, and walk you through how our FCM Packaging Compliance solution enables users to systematically manage this process across their full Value Chain.

Meet the presenters: 

  • Wim Jansen — Strategic Account Executive
  • Marco Scialpi — Strategic Sales Manager
  • Laura Cazzola — Strategic Account Executive

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