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FoodChain ID has verified more Non-GMO Project products than all our competitors combined​.

Non GMO ProjectAs the market leader for Non-GMO Project Verification, we uniquely provides our clients access to SupplyTrak® – for efficiencies with data management and documentation across multiple certifications.

You’ve heard that the “butterfly seal” is highly valued by consumers and retailers as a trusted “healthy for you” label.

What you may not know is that navigating the Standard can be tricky and time-consuming – unless you have a technical administrator with the systems and technical know-how to make the Non-GMO Project Verification process efficient.

Click the button above to set up a meeting with one of FoodChain ID’s Non-GMO Project team members, who can then answer your questions about getting verified and provide you with a custom quote.

Everything you need to know about Non-GMO Project Verification.

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Discover why FoodChain ID has verified more products than all its competitors.

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How does the FoodChain ID certification team support you? Hear from one customer’s experience working with team member Maggie:

“Maggie’s guidance, expertise and knowledge made it easier for me proceed to the next step. I’m amazed on the amount of knowledge and experience I received in collaboration with her. Maggie is an awesome teacher. Her enthusiasm and positive energy make me look forward on our next meetings and discussions.”

– Quality Assurance Manager, International Nutrition Product Manufacturer