Major Sugar Cane Processor Embraces Sustainability With ProTerra Via FoodChain ID Certification Europe

Tongaat Hulett Secures ProTerra Certification with FoodChain ID Certification Europe, Leader in Non-GMO…

Tongaat Hulett, the agricultural and agri-processing business which produces a range of refined carbohydrate products from sugarcane to maize and employs some 30,000 people in South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Swaziland, Mozambique and Zimbabwe has secured ProTerra.

The certification is for sustainable supply chain of its sugarcane and has been audited by Non-GMO certification leaders, FoodChain ID Certification Europe.

With sustainable practices in sugar production increasingly important for the food supply chain, the move by Tongaat Hulett to undertake independent third party certification via FoodChain ID Certification Europe under the ProTerra Standard is part of the company’s commitment to ensuring best practice in its business. Vuyo Kona, Executive for Sustainability at Tongaat Hulett explains: “A number of Tongaat Hulett brands hold prominent positions in their respective markets in different product categories and geographic locations. The company’s objective is to continue growing its market share in a responsible manner.”

“Tongaat Hulett is well placed to capitalize on emerging opportunities to increase sugar supplies into various markets including East and Southern Africa. The business operates several formalized initiatives to maintain and grow its contribution to society. An important consideration is the need to balance societal needs including housing, and this does contribute to selected land areas being transferred from agricultural land to development land,” says Kona.

Sustainability is important to both Tongaat Hulett’s business ethos and its stakeholders, including its customers. The company’s sustainability strategy supports the “creation of value” in a number of ways. These include numerous measures of reducing waste in production regarding the use of raw materials and energy, resulting in higher efficiency. Health and safety initiatives and an emphasis on equal opportunities for all our staff strengthen productivity, commitment and employer branding too. The ProTerra Certification provided by FoodChain ID Certification supports this ethos and ensures that we’re always striving for the best leading practice in sustainability.

The ProTerra Standard is owned by the ProTerra Foundation, a not for profit foundation based in the Netherlands, that supports Non-GMO sustainable principles with producers, food processors, brands, and retailers. The ProTerra Standard, based on the Basel Criteria, is the world’s most widely accepted standard for socially responsible and sustainable soya. Today, only about 5% of the world’s soya is certified as sustainable and responsible, with ProTerra certifying approximately 80% of the total of about 5 million metric tons.  The ProTerra Standard is available worldwide, for `all agricultural commodities and is becoming increasingly popular amongst sugar suppliers.

“There is a global landscape of organizations and initiatives working to bring greater sustainability in the sugar sector,” explains Kona. “Strict principles of good governance and transparency as well as the continuous development of an efficient corporate control system form the basis of corporate governance at Tongaat Hulett. Our organization joined the UN Global Compact in 2012, CEO Water Mandate in 2013, developed the Water Policy in 2014 and joined the Alliance for Water Stewardship in 2015.”

“It was therefore a natural step for us to seek independent certification from FoodChain ID Certification- who are the Global Non-GMO and ProTerra certification leaders, as verification to our customers of our commitment to sustainable business, production and farming practices. ProTerra fits well with our philosophy and approach to doing business in a responsible manner,” says Kona.

Published on Food Ingredients First