Food Packaging Compliance

by Viaware
Risk and compliance management for food contact materials

With Food Packaging Compliance you can manage products, raw materials and changes, create customized Declarations of Compliance, manage supporting documents and communicate with your suppliers and customers. With every step being fully auditable.

The exchange of relevant information in the supply chain is the basis for food contact compliance work. Enter relevant information regarding your raw materials in Food Packaging Compliance and attach your supporting documents (DoCs and adequate information). Enter maximum concentrations of substances with SMLs or calculate them from worst case scenario’s in suppliers DoCs.

Download raw materials (relevant information & supporting documents) directly from other Food Packaging Compliance users (your suppliers). Integrate Food Packaging Compliance with your ERP system. Manage updates in a fast and easy way and implement them to your own DoCs.

Manage your products by transferring relevant information from your raw material database to products or use the Food Packaging Compliance ERP interface to select a product from your ERP system. Food Packaging Compliance can be used for all types of products within the food contact supply chain: substances, intermediates (plastic and non-plastic) and final articles (mono layer and multi layer plastics and layers in multi-layer multi materials).

Evaluate the impact of changes in raw materials or legislation on the compliance status of your product. Perform worst case calculations to reduce your migrations test cost.

Select your migration test configuration for OML and SML.

Configure your product and its use:

  • Surface/volume ratio
  • Single use or repeated use
  • Use for food for small children
  • Special applications like caps

Prepare requests for migration testing and include all supporting documents of raw materials. Attach migration reports as supporting documents to your product administration.

Compliance work covers the risk assessment of your products. It may contain verification of authorization status of substances, verification of purity criteria, identification and risk assessment of NIAS, verification of compliance with SML and OML.

Our solution supports compliance work by:

  • Evaluation of substances authorization status and purity at raw material level
  • Perform worst case calculations
  • Evaluate the impact of changes (changes in legislation or compositional changes) on the compliance status of products.

Compose Declarations of Compliance (DoCs) in six different languages based on templates aligned to the EC guidelines for communication. A variety of DoC templates are available to choose from depending on the type of product and the role /position of the business operator in the supply chain.

Templates are prepared in MS Word (.docx) and can easily be personalized with logos and other features. Publish your DoC in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian or Dutch on the FOCOS DoC server and make them available for selected customers.

The message centre is the active heart of our Food Packaging Compliance solution, it centralizes all actions and communication. Data from several databases is turned into action lists to activate and support your communications with suppliers and customers.

Food Packaging Compliance uses the message centre to inform customers about:

  • New and updated food contact legislation, changes in substance details, etc
  • Lists of raw materials and products that are impacted by these changes
  • Follow-up on expired supporting documents

The resource centre allows users to stay up-to-date with current legislation, sharing notifications in message centre when new documentation and legislation are available. It also enables direct searches on existing content allowing resources to be found easily.

A Cloud Solution

Food Packaging Compliance is developed as cloud solution in order to be able to support communication within the Food Contact Materials supply chain. Access your documents on your computer, lap-top or tablet, anytime, anywhere. And Exchange data directly with your suppliers and customers.

Due to the open architecture of Food Packaging Compliance it is possible to safely exchange data between e.g. your ERP or CRM system and Food Packaging Compliance.

Save time

Reduce the time needed for DoC creation and meet the requirements the European Commission guidelines regarding information in the supply chain. Grouped documentation and clear technical information makes it possible to easily create customized DoCs based on pre-defined templates. Any DoC is easily prepared by selecting registered raw materials according the composition of your product. All up-to-date information is just one mouse click away.


Communication within the supply chain is the basis of food contact compliance work. Generate and publish your DoCs in your preferred language on the public Food Packaging Compliance DoC website and make them available for your organization and your customers. The currency and correctness (in relation to European Commission guidelines) of this data and documentation add value for your customers who are automatically notified when DoCs have been updated.

Secure access

Instant access to up-to-date information is essential in food contact compliance. Our cloud-based application enables users to offer a high level of service to customers at a low cost of ownership. All the information and documentation is stored securely online and accessible from any remote location and updates are made automatically without the need for IT teams to devote time or resources.

With Food Packing Compliance we are immediately aware of changes in laws and regulations and raw materials, and we are able to manage these changes. Looking at the future, we see Food Packing Compliance as an essential software tool when it comes to controlling our food contact materials.

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Added-value of Food Packaging Compliance
  • Manage food contact compliance
  • Improve communication and the quality of your DoCs
  • Save time and while maintaining control
  • Easily create EC-related Declarations of Compliance (DoCs)
  • Support change management within food contact compliance work
  • Improve customer service by making your DoCs available to your customers
  • Improve and embed knowledge of food contact safety in your organisation
  • Use Food Packaging Compliance as a unique selling point to your customers
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Food Packing Compliance (FOCOS) fits every situation and is suitable for SMEs (“single use”) as well as larger enterprises (“Group approach”). Prices depend on the desired structure, number of licenses and the implementation process.

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