USDA Organic Certification

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Certification. Simplified.

Tap the vast experience of FoodChain ID and Bioagricert, a FoodChain ID company, to obtain USDA National Organic and other clean-label certifications.

A certifications pioneer for 33 years, FoodChain ID/Bioagricert’s streamlined process assures you’ll be able to provide the claims consumers demand most. Bioagricert, a global leader in Organic certification certifies over 900 USDA NOP approved operators and over 13,000 operators in Europe, Latin America and Southeast Asia.

5 Steps to Certification
  1. Online application and organic system plan development
  2. Implement the organic system plan
  3. On-site inspection
  4. Review of the inspection report
  5. Receive a decision from the certifier
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FoodChain ID Simplifies Certification
  1. Dedicated account team
  2. Easy to use online application and data management via our proprietary mapping and label verification system
  3. Clear, easy-to-understand pricing
  4. Convenient ‘stacking’ of inspections with Non-GMO Project verification to save time, reduce hassle and lower cost
  5. Integrated services options
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Consider Organic Certification PLUS Non-GMO Project Verification

Meet Market Demand: Organic Certification PLUS Non-GMO Project Verification 

Consider bundling Non-GMO Project Verification with your Organic certification from the leader in Non-GMO Project Verification – FoodChain ID.

Acquire the seals consumers recognize and demand

  • USDA Organic is the most widely recognized consumer packaging seal (source: Nielsen)
  • The Non-GMO Project “Butterfly” is a highly meaningful consumer label (source: Consumer Reports)

Why get both?

  • Nearly 50% of all Non-GMO Project verified clients also carry Organic certification*
  • Satisfy consumer demand
  • Increase the power of your label claims
  • Stack, or combine, organic and non-GMO inspections for added convenience

*Source: FoodChain ID’s more than 2,000 verified clients

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