FoodChain ID Certification Europe addresses ABRANGE Non-GMO summit conference in São Paulo, Brazil

To a packed conference, at the Tivoli Hotel, São Paulo, Richard Werran, CEO of FoodChain ID Certification Europe addressed a prestigious audience of more than 190 international food and feed industry professionals representing 110 companies (40 from overseas) about Non-GMO certification as a means to access GM sensitive markets – current and future vision.

The conference was hosted by ABRANGE, the association of Non-GMO soya producers.

The delegates heard many illuminating presentations from seed growers, crushers and exporters about the current initiatives in Brasil to protect the Non-GMO soy supply chain and to ensure the future availability.

Richard Werran, CEO of FoodChain ID Certification Europe said:

“I was delighted to accept ABRANGE’s invitation to speak at this landmark event to review what Non-GMO certification has achieved,  its importance in Europe today and its future direction.While GM plantings are on the increase in Brazil and quantities of soybean meal and lecithin are under pressure and command significant premiums, the fact remains that more producers and EU importers are becoming FoodChain ID Certification non-GM certified to meet market need.