USDA’s New Labeling for Genetically Modified Foods Takes Effect

The USDA’s new labeling requirements for genetically modified foods took effect on January 1.  The agency’s goal was to eliminate the patchwork of different labels indicating that foods had been engineered in some way and offer more consistent consumer information. Foods that were previously labeled as “genetically engineered” or containing “genetically modified organisms” will now labeled with the term “bioengineered” and come with a phone number or QR code so that customers can get more information. Previously these labeling requirements were governed differently in each state, so the USDA wanted to create a more uniform labeling approach for these foods.  According to the FDA, consuming bioengineered foods poses no threat to human health. Some consumer watchdog groups feel that the new measure doesn’t far enough and will leave some genetically modified foods unlabeled.

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Picture Credit Susanne Kuehne

Posted on 11 January 2022