Food Law Advisory Retainers

Consultancy Retainers

A Helping Hand Whenever You Need The Next Building Block

Operating in the food industry is not always simple, and sometimes you just need a second opinion or an answer to a legal or technical question.

FoodChain ID offers a comprehensive consultancy ‘Top-up retainer’ service which provides businesses with legal and technical advice. The retainer covers all of the areas that you may require assistant, for

  • Trading Standards Laws
  • Food Safety
  • Food Labelling
  • Food Weights and Measures
  • Marketing Claims
  • Online Food Sales
  • Unfair Commercial Practices
  • Specification Completion
  • Policy Formulation
  • Health Claims

Working exactly like a top-up phone, you purchase a minimum credit of 5 hours. When you require advice just call or email us with your query. Once work is completed the advice is logged in 10 minute units. We will contact and advise you when the retainer is low for your next top up.