Supplements R&D Insight

by Nutraveris
Easily create compliant Supplements with access to a plethora of regulatory, scientific and marketing data

Supplements R&D Insight is the FoodChain ID supplements database developed by our regulatory and scientific experts, which provides up-to-date regulatory and scientific data to help you understand the legal framework.

It includes:

  • Regulatory status for hundreds of ingredients
  • Health claims status
  • Scientific evidences
  • + US: FDA warning letters, NDI, GRAS Notices, eCFR
  • + Europe : EFSA opinion, Novel Food Catalogue
  • + Asia : ASEAN regulatory framework

Supplements R&D Insight is very complementary to Supplements Compliance, our automatic audit and label generation platform.

Up-to-date data to accelerate product development and decision making

This database is very instrumental to conduct regulatory assessments. It is easy to use, has a comprehensive summary of several pre-clinical and clinical studies as well as authorized/on-hold claims. You can also find there a well-structured compilation of national and supranational European regulations.

Nestle Health Science

A step-by-step tool that makes it easy to create compliant Supplements

Easily access the regulatory status of ingredients for  Europe, USA, and Asia

All ingredients are linked to their allowed claims, classified by country to see which claims you can use and where.

We provide all the documentation at your fingertips to prove the link between ingredients and health benefits.

We provide an exhaustive view of the regulatory framework flow so you can easily understand what you need to do to launch your products in the EU, USA, and Asia.

Ingredients and/or health benefits are linked to a product database, so you have instant access to the competitive landscape.


All search results can be exported in a consolidated document generated on the fly. Just pin it.

All search results can be transformed into automatic email alerts. When a new result is inserted in the database, the update is automatically sent right to your inbox.

Our regulatory and scientific experts review and produce volumes of high-value documentation to help you to interpret the results: regulation, status, claims, health applicatios, etc. And, special monthly reports keep you up to date.

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