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SSAFE Launches Free Food Safety Culture Tool

Organizational culture is widely seen as one of the most important success factors across a wide variety of business sectors. It is increasingly recognized that human behavior is central, and culture is the key to understanding and affecting behavioral change. Empowering all employees to do the right thing all the time helps ensure that food is safe, and a strong Food Safety Culture helps achieve this. Due to the overwhelming need to drive positive food safety behaviors and further mitigate risks, the food industry has been taking action. In 2018 the Global Food Safety Initiative published a position paper “A Culture of Food Safety”, with input from leading practitioners and scientists, to outline the critical need for good food safety culture practices. In addition, the Codex Alimentarius as well as several regulators around the world are actively looking at ways to enhance food safety and reduce foodborne illnesses through the strengthening of food safety culture across the private industry. Therefore, we are proud to announce today that SSAFE, in partnership with Culture Excellence, is launching a free entry level tool to help food companies measure the “People” element of their Food Safety Culture and accelerate the development and implementation of strong food safety cultures in food businesses around the world. This free tool is available in 55 languages and takes users through a series of 15 questions in less than 10 minutes. Upon completion by the team, managers will be able to identify key strengths and weaknesses of their Food Safety Culture, showing them where to improve and strengthen their efforts. This tool is very effective for companies starting on their journey to assess and strengthen their food safety culture over time. “Establishing and maintaining a strong food safety culture is imperative in the current business environment within the food industry” said Adrian Sharpe, President of SSAFE. “The collective expertise from our Members and Public-Private Partners provided great support to SSAFE and TSI in developing a free science-based tool which aims to assist companies across the supply chain to carry out and simplify the “People” element in their Food Safety Culture assessment.” The tool can be accessed from the SSAFE website (

See more information here Press Release – SSAFE Food Safety Culture Tool[1][2].

Posted on 2 July 2021