Contaminant Limits

By BCGlobal
Explore limits for over 90 contaminants on all regulated food and beverage commodities in over 100 markets.
Prevent Your Exports from Being Rejected

Locate the Latest Contaminant Limit Standards with Ease

Food processors and ingredient manufacturers need to stay ahead of quickly growing global contaminant regulations. Governments classify and regulate contaminants differently for heavy metals, aflatoxins, natural toxicants, dioxins, PCBs, and other regulated substances.  New standards are being developed, while other standards are changing quickly.  Unless these regulatory changes are monitored, shipments can quickly be out of compliance with new regulations, resulting in rejected loads and financial loss. FoodChain ID’s database of global contaminant limits provides you with the information you need to ensure your exports comply with foreign standards.

Key Features
  1. Explore contaminant limits for over 80 contaminants in over 95 markets
  2. Compare standards easily between different countries
  3. Identify which contaminant limits are being revoked
  4. Access reports that provide a full regulatory picture for each country
Benefits of FoodChain ID Contaminant Database by BCGlobal

Food additive use maximum use levels for over 800 additives in more than 70 markets

Updated as regulations change, backed by strict quality assurance procedures

Easily compare regulations across markets, search broadly within a single market, or select individual food categories or functional classes

Unparalleled support: Our regulatory intelligence team is ready to answer your specific questions.

Content Descriptions

Current Limits: Officially established limits that are in force.

Pending Limits: Limit amendments which have been officially approved and will enter in force on a specified future date.

Proposed Limits: Draft limit amendments, or petitions under consideration.