Possible Alcoholic Beverage Shortages to Come

Ales, IPAs, and stouts are again in short supply due to supply chain shortages related to the pandemic. There have been recent reports of beer shortages in Ohio, North Carolina, Colorado, and Vermont. Many breweries are struggling to produce product, and smaller companies are more severely impacted by the shortage of cans. Part of the shortage stems from a consumer shift that began during the pandemic and has resulted in greater at home beer consumption. Consumers are also choosing canned over bottled beverages, and particularly craft beer drinkers seem to prefer cans. Several alcoholic beverage companies are also dealing with a shortage of glass bottles. One aluminum can company CEO said that demand for cans will likely outstrip supply well into 2023. Two aluminum can manufacturers are building new production plants, but additional cans won’t come fast enough to impact current beer shortages. It is estimated that the bottle shortage might improve before the supply of cans increases.

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Picture Credit Susanne Kuehne

Posted on 10 September 2021