Positive opinion from EFSA on mung bean protein as novel food

Mung bean protein, from the seeds of Vigna radiata, are considered as a novel food. An application for authorization has been submitted by Eat Just Inc., for a use on protein products.

The ingredient is composed or proteins (85%), fat (3-4%) and moisture (3-5.5%). The proteins are well-digestible, and does not riase any concern for minerals daily intake. Overall, the mung bean proteins have been considered as not nutritionally disadvantageous.

Interestingly, no toxicological studies have been conducted on the novel food, but EFSA considered that such studies are not required. The safety analysis has been conducted based on the published data on mung bean, even if these studies were not pertinent, and on human consumption, mainly in Asia, but also in USA and Europe. The only safety concern highlighted by EFSA is related to the risk of sensitization and of allergic reaction in subjects with known allergy to soybean, peanuts, lupin and to birch pollen.

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