What's Driving Consumer Demand for

Organic Food & Beverage Products?

FoodChain ID and The Hartman Group Webinar On Demand

February 17th, 2022

Organic remains one of the most prominent and significant markers of quality in foods and beverages in the United States. In recent years, with over 82% of consumers participating in some way in organic purchases, we’ve witnessed the advance of organic products into new categories even as organic foods and beverages become more affordable for mainstream Americans. 

Building on over 20 years of research on why consumers participate in organics, Laurie Demeritt shared key insights and implications for CPG brands today based on trended data from The Hartman Group’s latest Organic and Beyond and Sustainability 2021 reports.

Topics included:

  • Consumer aspirations, attitudes, and behavior relating to organic food products
  • Highlights of consumer response to third-party certifications and standards relating to:
  • Organics
  • Sustainable agriculture (including the topic of regenerative)
  • GMO's

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Meet Our Presenters:

Laurie Demeritt

Chief Executive Officer — The Hartman Group

As CEO, Laurie drives the vision, strategy, operations and results-oriented culture for the company's associates as The Hartman Group furthers its offerings of tactical thinking, consumer and market intelligence, cultural competency and innovative intellectual capital to a global marketplace. A nationally recognized authority on consumer behavior and culture, Laurie received her MBA in Marketing and Environmental Management from the University of Washington and her BA in Political Science from Cornell University.

About The Hartman Group

Since 1989, The Hartman Group’s anthropologists, social scientists and business analysts have been immersed in the study of American food and beverage culture, using ethnographic observation, quantitative tracking surveys and deep study of trends. What we have learned and continue to uncover allows us to upend many notions of our traditional American eating and drinking patterns, thereby identifying unique opportunities and winning strategies for our clients.

Elizabeth Seibert

Technical Operations Director, Technical Services — FoodChain ID

Elizabeth Seibert is the Technical Operations Director, Technical Services at FoodChain ID. Seibert has been with FoodChain since 2016 overseeing the premier team that conducts technical reviews for the Non-GMO Project, Organic, US Hemp Authority and Vegan certification. Prior to her tenure at FoodChain ID, Beth worked at Kellogg's for over 17 years, in various quality and certification roles, including managing their NonGMO Project, organic, kosher, fair trade and gluten free certifications. Beth's extensive technical knowledge and practical real-world experience in supply chain and certification has contributed to the development of highly efficient operations and quality systems with dedicated support to client satisfaction.

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