Monaco: Publication of official texts on food supplements

The Monegasque Authorities published on 4 October 2019 official texts for food supplements.

These Monegasque texts reproduce the provisions of the texts published in the French Official Journal for food supplements (Decree 2006-352, except for the declaration procedure specific to France, Order of 6 May 2019 on nutrients, Order of 24 June 2014 on plants with its annexes I, II and III, Order of 26 September 2016 on substances with its annexes I and II).

Concretely so far, the regulation on food supplements had not been specified in the Monegasque law, foods supplements marketed in Monaco had to comply with the provisions of the French regulations.

The publication of these texts in the Journal of Monaco formalizes these provisions.

According to an exchange with the Monegasque Authorities, they accept all food supplements declared in France.

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