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International Food Nutrition Council Research on Consumer Relevant Claims

According to the latest IFIC’s annual Food & Health Survey, consumers’ perception of what constitutes a healthy food has taken a more positive tone.  The survey results which were released earlier this month show that most consumers are more interested in what is in their food than in what is not.  More people define healthy in terms of foods that contain greater health attributes accompanied by claims such as high fiber or high protein rather than in terms of what is not present in foods such as sugar-free or low-sodium type claims.  With consumers prioritizing healthy inclusions above reduced claims, eating patterns may change to focus on things like including more vegetables, fruit, fiber, etc. in the daily diet rather than taking an approach more geared towards consuming no / low type foods.  The survey found that consumer preferences towards descriptors such as fresh, locally grown and hormone-free were reshuffled as well.

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Posted on 9 June 2021