Improvement in skin elasticity, thickness, stratum corneum water content following oral intake of a drink containing lingonberry and amla fruit extract

The aim of this randomized, double-blinded, placebo-controlled study was conducted to examine the effect of ingestion of lingonberry and amla fruit extract (LAE) on several human skin conditions.

To do so, 99 healthy female subjects were randomly assigned for 12 weeks to three groups: the first group received 50 mL of a drink containing 25 mg of a lingonberry extract and 30 mg of an amla fruit extract; the second group received 100 mL of the same drink; and the third group received a placebo drink.

Results showed that after LAE intake, skin elasticity showed significant, dose-dependent improvements (p < 0.01). Skin thickness, stratum corneum water content, and the degree of wrinkles also significantly improved (p < 0.001) in a dose-dependent manner.

Improvement in eye wrinkles following ingestion of a beverage containing lingonberry and amla fruit extracts (LAE). Degrees of eye wrinkles were judged by a dermatologist, and variations are shown. Single-dose LAE: 25 mg of dry lingonberry extract + 30 mg of dry amla fruit extract; double-dose LAE: 50 mg + 60 mg of the same extracts, respectively. Data are presented as the mean ± S.D. *P < 0.05 and **P < 0.01 versus the placebo group.

Authors concluded that with the improvements in skin elasticity and thickness, as well in the stratum corneum water content and the degree of wrinkles, LAE may be considered a candidate anti-aging agent for preventing skin weakening.

Uchiyama T, Tsunenaga M, Miyanaga M, Ueda O, Ogo M. Oral intake of lingonberry and amla fruit extract improves skin conditions in healthy female subjects: a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial. Biotechnol Appl Biochem. 2019 Jul 24.