Ingredient Risk Identification by HorizonScan

See What’s Threatening Your Food Ingredients Right Now

HorizonScan™ is a daily supply chain monitoring system for ingredient and supplier threats for biological, chemical and physical hazards. The system provides daily alerts for food supply hazards for immediate attention to emerging food safety issues.

See HorizonScan in Action

The globalization of ingredient sourcing has made it more challenging than ever to assure the safety, quality and traceability of your supply chain. And the stakes have never been higher – under FSMA regulations failure to implement an effective supply chain risk management program could subject food companies and their officers to significant liability and even criminal charges.

HorizonScan provides food safety professionals with a comprehensive, scientific basis for assessing supply chain risks. Developed by Fera Science, HorizonScan is a online service with a suite of proprietary Risk Assessment and Supplier Check tools tracking current and historical global food fraud and contamination issues in near real time.

Supply chain risk management — at your fingertips

Search by commodity, country of origin, type of threat, supplier, date of event, and more. Set up automatic alerts for the ingredients most important to your company. Keep your supply chain safe and your business running without interruption.

1. Customizable daily email alerts
2. Choose from over 550 commodities
3. Advanced search capabilities
4. Graphs, trends, data & analytics
5. Identify high-risk suppliers
6. Get latest news feeds
7. View all new events from last 48 hours
8. View Original Event reports

Supply chain risk control is not only a FSMA requirement but is an important part of brand protection in today’s food safety environment. HorizonScan is a great resource to better understand where the risks are in your supply chain, and thus better manage those risks.

Dr. David Acheson – CEO of the Acheson Group & former Associate Commissioner for Foods at the US FDA