FoodChain ID Group and Fera expand HorizonScan

Horizon Scan has been launched in five territories in partnership with the FoodChain ID Group. North American, German, Brazilian and Mexican companies will be able to access the food safety and integrity tracking system from Fera Science.

HorizonScan data showed that nuts and nut products and seeds saw the highest increase in integrity issues compared to the same Q1. period in 2015 – a 40.4% increase in reported problems.

Other commodities which saw big jumps in reported incidents included a 26.6% increase in issues with herbs and spices and a 12.8% increase in problems with poultry and poultry products,

Dr Miles Thomas, from Fera Science, said: “The system provides a vital snapshot of food safety and integrity issues currently impacting the global supply chain, allowing the industry and other stakeholders to track and react to issues in real time, as they emerge.”

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