Global Food Companies Ranked in First International Cage Free Index

A coalition of animal protection organizations led by Mercy for Animals released an International Cage Free Index this month. Among other things, it assesses 39 well known restaurants and manufacturers on their cage-free commitments. Nearly every major U.S. and European food company has pledged to end the use of cages in their egg supply chains and improve not only hen welfare but food safety overall. Currently, 32% of U.S. hens and 52% of EU hens are cage-free. Most hens in China, Brazil, Mexico, and India are still caged. Mercy for animals is a global nonprofit organization that supports animal welfare and is particularly active in the food industry. It is widely thought that cage-free production promotes food safety by limiting insect and rodent disease vectors, reducing salmonella risk, and minimizing stress due to confinement.

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Posted on 3 December 2021