Front of Pack Labelling - EU

Does the EU require Front of Pack Labelling (FOP)?  The EU on 20 May 2020, finalized the report regarding FOP.  It was decided to keep the FOP labelling concept but to remove its mandatory nature.  They agreed that FOP labelling should be left up to the Member states.  This means that there is a patchwork of approaches across the EU such as “Traffic light”, “Stop Sign”, “Keyhole” and the “Nutri-Score”.

Some of the FOP schemes developed by Member States or food business operators do not repeat information provided in the nutrition declaration but provide information regarding the overall nutritional quality of the food (e.g. through a symbol or letter).  Such schemes are considered as “voluntary information” however, depending on the messaging, it could also be considered a claim. Want to know more about each of these?  Please contact us via here to learn more!

Posted on 4 August 2020