Europe: new maximum levels of pyrrolizidine alkaloids (PA)

Commission Regulation (EU) 2020/2040 of 11 December 2020 amended Regulation (EC) 1881/2006 as regards maximum levels of pyrrolizidine alkaloids in certain foodstuffs.
These new maximum levels concern in particular teas and herbal infusions (with lower limits for infants and young children), certain food supplements, pollen and pollen products, dried herbs, borage leaves and cumin seeds.
Specifically for food supplements, the maximum levels of pyrrolizidine alkaloids are the following:

  • Food supplements containing herbal ingredients including extracts: 400 µg/kg (Without prejudice to more restrictive national rules in certain Member States)
  • Pollen based food supplements: 500 µg/kg.

Those limits apply from 1 July 2022, foodstuffs that were lawfully placed on the market before 1 July 2022 may remain on the market until 31 December 2023.