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Effects of oral supplementation with guava leaf decoction in patients with acute infectious diarrhoea

This open, randomized, parallel group multi-arm interventional study evaluated among 137 adults suffering with acute diarrhoea, the effects of 3 differents doses of guava leaf decoction (GLD) (6, 10 or 14 leaf used for the decoction) on stool frequency and consistency.

Results showed that the 14-leaf (7.4 g) decoction was the most effective dose to reduce diarrhoea symptoms. Administration of the decoction, thrice daily helped the patients regain normalcy in 72 h as opposed to 120 h in controls. Safety of the intervention was reflected by normal levels of haemoglobin, liver and kidney parameters. No adverse events were reported.

In conclusion, the use of decoction with 14 leaves of guava was safe and efficient in the management of acute uncomplicated diarrhoea with unknown etiology in adult.

Birdi T, Krishnan GG, Kataria S, Gholkar M, Daswani P. A randomized open label efficacy clinical trial of oral guava leaf decoction in patients with acute infectious diarrhoea [published online ahead of print, 2020 Jun 2]. J Ayurveda Integr Med. 2020;S0975-9476(20)30018-8.

Photo by Fabrizio Frigeni on Unsplash