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Effects of almond consumption on skin wrinkles

This single-blinded, randomized, controlled study have evaluated the effects of consumption of 20% of daily energy in either almond or a calorie-matched snack for 16 weeks among 28 healthy post-menopausal on wrinkle width and severity and transepidermal water loss and sebum production at 0, 8, and 16 weeks.

Results showed that under photographic analysis, the almond group had significantly decreased wrinkle severity and width compared with the control group at 16 weeks (p < 0.02). Changes in skin barrier function were nonsignificant, measured by the transepidermal water loss (p = 0.65) between the almond and control groups relative to baseline after 16 weeks. Moreover, no adverse effects were reported.

In conclusion this study demonstrates that daily almond consumption may reduce wrinkle severity in postmenopausal females to potentially have natural antiaging benefits.

Foolad N, Vaughn AR, Rybak I, Burney WA, Chodur GM, Newman JW, Steinberg FM, Sivamani RK. Prospective randomized controlled pilot study on the effects of almond consumption on skin lipids and wrinkles. Phytother Res. 2019 Oct 1.

Photo by Juan José Valencia Antía on Unsplash