The Importance of Testing for Business Transparency

app para monitoramento das análises em tempo real

Trust is the main result a testing service must deliver. And that is what FoodChain ID Análises customers have received since 1996 when hiring the lab services.

The worldwide recognition of this service was achieved through the rigor and sensitivity of the tests performed using the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) method.

This highly reliable method was developed by biochemist Kary Banks Mullis in 1983. This discovery earned him the Nobel Prize in Chemistry ten years later.

The technique allows direct DNA analysis, making it possible to detect the presence of target elements at a level of 0.01%.

The accuracy of a test is welcome in any situation, but it becomes even more relevant when it gives peace of mind to suppliers and to those who purchase, for example, a product which is free from allergens or entirely appropriate to the guidelines of a religious conviction.

Peace of Mind to Meet International Standards

Bringing food to people’s tables is a big responsibility in any situation, especially when a producer reaches the export scale. This is because each country has its own standards for product approval.

The rigor imposed by each country/market aims to ensure safety and nutritional quality of food for people and also animals. That is, no exporter in the industry is exempt from compliance with each rule.

The US Food and Drug Administration may even accredit external audits to verify compliance with US food safety standards by foreign food suppliers.

In Europe, authorities work with traceability and risk management. The European Commission applies the precautionary principle, and even just a potential hazard receives immediate intervention.

In all markets there are rules establishing acceptable rates for the use of pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, preservatives, allergens, among others. The list of requirements is usually long.

Preparing for it all by adopting an analysis service that can guarantee the results of its production will give the producer peace of mind to seek new markets and grow.

Analitus: Real-time Customer Decisions

To meet even more fully the needs of customers regarding ​​analysis, FoodChain ID made available the Analitus app in January 2018. This is a sure way to further distinguish the services offered especially to the Brazilian and Latin American markets.

Analitus, a unique and exclusive application, enables full traceability; from sample collection to arrival at the laboratory.

With user-friendly interfaces and practices developed from a deep understanding of customer needs, the app allows rapid communication between the parties.

In real time, clients can request changes of report, for example, or even change information of the sample while the report has not yet been released, that is, flexibility and agility made available interactively in the palm of hand.

When the report is ready the client is notified and has access to the result without having to download it, an important convenience feature in places where there is no high-speed Internet.

The app goes further and allows requests for reports review directly in the application, avoiding the use of emails. In addition, it allows for suggestions and includes a complementary satisfaction survey at the end of each service performed.