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GMO Testing for Export to the European Union

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GMO Testing for Export to the European Union

The EU was one of the first regions to regulate the labeling of food consisting of or manufactured from GMOs, starting in the 1990s. The EU policy is based on the principle of process-based labeling. In this case, product labeling is required if GM crops or ingredients were used in the product’s manufacture, whether or not the final food product contains detectable GM material. For example, highly processed oils derived from GM soy, corn, or canola are required to be labeled, even if GM material cannot be detected in the processed product.

The EU has an allowable threshold for GMO content, with some restrictions, above which food products must be labeled. If your company is exporting to the European Union, FoodChain ID Testing Technical Advisors offer a free consultation to assist in determining which testing plan is most appropriate for your ingredient or product.

EU regulations concerning the traceability and labeling of food and feed products produced from GMOs: