Formulation for PLM

by Verdant
Discover the cloud-based product development and simulation environment designed specifically for formulated product developers

Formulation for PLM features a purpose-built interface, real-time simulation engine, and innovative smart features such as AI-driven insights, augmented decision making and visual alerts to ensure design, cost and regulatory targets are being met in real-time.

Typical recipe management tools and Excel-based solutions lack the connectivity, depth or advanced capabilities to meet the demands of digital innovation. Most of these traditional tools are either too rigid or simplistic, don’t allow Product Developers to leverage historical or organization insights, and lack the integrated intelligence that can dramatically improve speed and outcomes.

Formulation for PLM is a modern, cloud-based platform that supports the complex and specific needs of formulated product development while providing next generation “smart” capabilities that create an innovation advantage.

Features of Formulation for PLM
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