Compliance Analysis

by Verdant
Accelerate Time to Market

Organizations that develop products with one significant country’s regulatory requirements in mind, and then later evaluate the product for launch in other markets are often slowed down by the effort required to determine the compliance of their product in new markets.

To accelerate the process, we’ve enhanced to Regulatory Assessment by Decernis with Compliance Analysis. It uses a multi-country, red-yellow-green dashboard to indicate where the original formulation meets regulations or if adjustments might be required.

Incorporating this enhancement early in the product development cycle accelerates formula assessments, making international market launches and maintaining in-market compliance faster and easier.

See how it works in 60 seconds

Evaluate ingredients for fitness based on usage across hundreds of markets

Evaluate an entire recipe based on usage across hundreds of markets for fit and compliance

Identify changes that can be made to achieve improved alignment and compliance outcomes

Automatically scan multiple products at once for compliance across hundreds of markets

Monitor for issues around active products and perform impact analysis on your active or WIP products

Organizational Benefits
  1. Reduced time to market
  2. Resource efficiency
  3. Early team alignment in NPD
  4. Speed, with standards
  5. Reduce burden of change maintenance
Interested in learning more?

Our experts would be happy to answer questions you might have about Compliance Analysis and how it accelerates new product introduction and ongoing regulatory compliance.