BRCGS Agents and Brokers

BRCGS is a leading brand and consumer protection organization, used by over 29,000 certified suppliers in over 130 countries. The BRCGS Standard is a Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) recognized certification program.

FoodChain ID is a highly rated certification body providing accredited BRCGS certification globally.

Why FoodChain ID for BRCGS Certification?

  • BRCGS Certification Body 5-star rating
  • TrakCert ™ global customer portal for audits and certification
  • Broad pool of highly trained auditors
  • Customer single point-of-contact saves you time
  • Highly responsive customer and technical team
  • Training and consulting experience

The Standard is available to download as a free PDF from the  BRCGS Bookshop .

Program Summary

The Global Standard for Agents and Brokers has been developed to provide a framework for managing product safety, quality, and legality for non-manufacturing businesses in the food and packaging industries. Certification is achieved by undertaking a third-party audit against Standard requirements by an accredited certification body (CB). BRCGS rates CBs on their technical performance and efficiency in customer service. FoodChain ID Certification is a highly rated CB providing accredited BRCGS certification globally.

The Global Standard for Agents & Brokers completes the BRCGS family of food safety standards. It provides a food safety management system for importers, sales agents and food brokers. The Standard has a scope which covers certification for the following categories of products:

  • Food products, including raw materials, processed foods, and fruit and vegetables.
  • Packaging materials – primary, secondary and tertiary materials, and raw materials for the manufacture of packaging materials.
  • Pet foods for domestic animals.
  • Consumer products.

BRCGS Agents & Brokers Standard Issue 2 was published in August 2017.

BRCGS Agents & Brokers Certification is beneficial for those who buy, sell, or facilitate the trade of products, provide a critical link in the movement and trade of products, and influence supplier product safety and quality standards, as well as being responsible for maintaining an effective chain of traceability.

Contact FoodChain ID  to understand how to get started. At FoodChain ID, we know that agents & brokers certification is more than the yearly audit.

Getting Started

The cost of BRCGS certification depends on many factors surrounding your facility. To take the first steps in becoming BRCGS certified,  please contact our office  so we can assess the requirements of your business.

BRCGS Participate  is the most convenient and flexible way to access all the content produced by BRCGS Global Standards. BRC Participate is a managed, subscription-based, online service that subscribers can access to view content, download PDFs of the BRC and access Interpretation Guidelines and supporting publications online, selecting your language of choice where translations are available.

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