Commitment To Quality

Commitment to Quality

At FoodChain ID Testing, we recognize that you rely on us for information that may impact core elements of your business. That’s why one of our top priorities has always been to design our quality control and quality assurance with analytical services reflecting the greatest possible reliability and scientific rigor.

We achieve this through a program of continuous improvement and the inclusion of extensive quality measures, including:

  • Use of statistically valid sample sizes to assure minimum risk error
  • Use of proprietary DNA extraction system that minimizes DNA degradation and PCR inhibitors, maximizes yield, and is successful even with the most complex sample matrices
  • Duplicate analysis of each sample
  • Reliance on both internal and external standards for accurate quantitative analysis
  • Full traceability of all reagents, instruments, and personnel involved in analysis
  • Participation in international proficiency testing programs (GeMMA, AOCS, ISTA, and FAPAS)
  • Accreditation in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025, the international standard for laboratory accreditation.

Shared throughout all of the labs in FoodChain ID Testing’s Global Laboratory Alliance, our authoritative proprietary methodology has established a consistent, uniform, worldwide standard of excellence and reliability in scientific GMO and DNA testing.

FoodChain ID Testing’s PCR tests operate at the most sensitive practical limits of detection (0.01%) and quantification (0.05%), offering assurance that products tested by FoodChain ID Testing will meet your buyer’s specifications.


FoodChain ID Testing was one of the first laboratories, in 2000, to receive accreditation for GMO quantitative and variety screening. The accreditation process involves inspection of FoodChain ID Testing’s laboratory facilities and auditing laboratory quality systems, operational procedures, and qualifications of FoodChain ID Testing scientists. The accreditation process also includes evaluation of an extensive set of validation data for each method accredited. FoodChain ID Testing methods are accredited to ISO/IEC 17025, the leading international standard for testing laboratories, demonstrating a high level of confidence in testing quality and technical proficiency.