Global Laboratory Alliance

FoodChain ID Testing’s Global Laboratory Alliance® (GLA) establishes uniform standards of excellence in DNA-based testing worldwide. Offering expert labs strategically located on 4 continents, the Alliance is a powerful force serving the food industry with accurate, reliable testing services and consulting.

The Global Laboratory Alliance® (GLA) is a worldwide network of laboratories that employs FoodChain ID Testing’s validated and standardized testing technology.

Members of the Global Laboratory Alliance include both private service providers and governmental laboratories.

The methods provided to GLA laboratories are the result of extensive, in-depth research at FoodChain ID Testing research laboratories and are accredited to ISO/IEC 17025, the international standard for laboratory accreditation.ISO/IEC 17025 is an internationally recognized standard that provides rigorous guidelines which define laboratory quality management procedures.  These methods make it possible for new GLA members to gain accredited status rapidly for their testing services. Accredited status ensures that testing will have high levels of legal defensibility, industry credibility, and respect.

The Global Laboratory Alliance is of particular utility to members of the food and agricultural industries who operate globally due to the fact that the GLA makes conveniently available in key international markets a uniform and standardized system of testing. Thus, global participants in the agri-food industry can be assured that, wherever testing is needed, assessment of their products will be consistent, reliable, and based on the highest standards of science.In addition, the testing protocols used by Global Laboratory Alliance laboratories comply with regulatory requirements around the world, and are backed up by FoodChain ID Testing’s broad knowledge of regulatory developments. Through the Global Laboratory Alliance, FoodChain ID Testing can help clients address regulatory issues wherever they operate.

Adopting FoodChain ID Testing’s comprehensive package of testing technology is an efficient, convenient, rapid, and cost-effective approach to gaining a DNA-based testing capacity.

Through the expansion of the Global Laboratory Alliance, FoodChain ID Testing has gained extensive experience in transfering its testing technology and training scientific and technical staff. We are prepared to undertake the transfer of this technology to additional laboratories located anywhere in the world.

  • Rapid acquisition of testing capacity
  • Full-service testing services
  • Specifics of the technology transfer package
    • Includes complete training of scientific and technical staff, in your lab or at FoodChain ID Testing
    • Methods are standardized, validated, and accredited to ISO 17025, the international standard for laboratory accreditation
    • Standardized operating procedures are provided for every step, including:
      • Sample processing and DNA extraction
      • PCR analysis
      • Data analysis
    • All critical reagents are provided
    • Multiple proprietary DNA extraction systems are provided that are customized for different food and agricultural matrices
  • Ongoing technical support
    • Available to help you:
      • Deal with analytical challenges
      • Interpret and evaluate data
    • Provide key reagents and standard reference materials on an ongoing basis
    • Provide thorough quality control on reagent preparation
  • Technology development and upgrades
    • FoodChain ID Testing conducts ongoing research and development to create new testing methods and to upgrade existing methods as market and regulatory conditions change
    • Alliance members who develop analytical or other technologies can use the GLA as a network for quickly marketing their technologies worldwide
  • Cooperative marketing
    • FoodChain ID Testing’s global recognition helps sell the services that GLA members offer
    • Global marketing by FoodChain ID Testing contributes to the success of individual Alliance Labs
    • FoodChain ID Testing is prepared to cooperate with GLA members to undertake promotional marketing efforts focused on specific countries or regions of the world
GLA Members around the world

FoodChain ID Testing — USA
Fairfield, IA 52556, USA
Contact Info:
Tel: +1.641.472.9979
Tel: +1.888.229.2011 (Toll Free USA/Canada)
Fax: +1.641.472.9198

Secretaria de Medio Ambiente y Recursos Naturales — Mexico
DF, Mexico
Contact Info:
Tel: +52.55.542.46.417
Fax: +

Laboratorio de Detección de Organismos Genéticamente Modificados del SENASICA de la Secretaria de Agricultura, Ganadería, Desarrollo Rural, Pesca y Alimentación — Mexico
DF, Mexico
Contact Info:
Tel: +55.555.40.341

FoodChain ID Testing – Análises Biotecnológicas (Ecocerta)
José Aloysio Brugger, 1081 – Térreo – B. Jardim América
Caxias do Sul/RS – Brazil 95050 – 150

Contact Info:
Guilherme Thomazi
Tel: + 55 (54) 3222-1659
Fax: + 55 (54) 3039-0017

Bureau Veritas Japan
Yokohama City, Japan
Contact Info:
Tel: +81.45.949.4664
Fax: +81.45.949.4621

FoodChain ID Testing — Europe
Augsburg, Germany
Contact Info:
Tel: +49.821.747.7630
Fax: +49.821.747.7639

NFTRC, National Food Technology Research Centre — Botswana
Kanye, Botswana
Contact Info:
Tel: +267 5440441
Fax: +267 5440713