COVID-19 Updates

Non-GMO and Organic

This page will be updated for the following services:

  • Non GMO Project Verification
  • FoodChain ID Non-GMO

Latest updates as of 4-3-20

We are following all Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Government guidelines regarding travel, and International Accreditation Forum (IAF) procedures for management of extraordinary events or circumstances affecting certified organizations.

Currently there are no travel restrictions in the areas our Certification Team serves, but we are continually monitoring guidance directives from the Government and the CDC and will update our audit schedules based on any new directives from them.

FoodChain ID Certification’s auditor pool only conducts audits within North America; Almost all of our auditors are based in the United States and we have a few in Canada. None have been auditing outside the United States and Canada.

How we will continue to be of service

FoodChain ID is working with standard owners and customers to ensure validity of certificates continues. We are also committed to being as flexible as possible as it relates to your needs including:

  • Conducting of audits – where possible and allowable, we are still conducting on-site audits, where there is no risk to team member or customer.
  • Remote auditing – where possible and allowable, we are conducting remote audits, with on-site inspection to occur at a later date.
  • Fees – cancellation fees for modification of audit schedule are waived until further notice . So will management fees for the extension of any audit certificate.
  • Scheduling – If you need to re-schedule an audit we will be as flexible as possible to conduct your audit as it is safely possible to do so.

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