Export to China

Testing for Export to China
China currently requires some animal products be tested to verify the absence of animal species and/or microbial pathogens.  FoodChain ID Testing is an approved laboratory for testing of processed animal products and fish meal for export to China.
Click here to access the USDA document that lists FoodChain ID Testing as an approved laboratory.  Our Technical Advisors will provide a cost-effective, relevant testing plan to facilitate market access.
  • USDA-APHIS-approved laboratory – China currently prohibits import of ruminant-containing processed animal products that can be used as pet food or animal feed ingredients.  Processed animal products include poultry meal, rendered poultry fat, porcine meal, lard, spray-dried porcine blood products, and porcine protein concentrate. FoodChain ID Testing is a USDA-AHPHIS-approved laboratory for ruminant testing of processed animal products for export to China. Click here to see the list USDA approved laboratories.
  • USDC recognized laboratory – Beginning January 2012, China has required additional testing for imported fish meal to verify the absence of microbial pathogens such as Salmonella and Enterobactericeae. FoodChain ID Testing is recognized by the United States Department of Commerce to perform such testing. Therefore, laboratory results from FoodChain ID Testing can be used by the National Seafood Inspection Laboratory NOAA Seafood Inspection Program to determine compliance with requirements of the People’s Republic of China for fish meal exported from the USA.

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If GMO testing for exports into China is required to meet your business objectives, please call us at +1.888.229.2011 (Toll Free USA/Canada) or 1.641.472.9979 or click here to contact us.  A technical advisor will be happy to assist you in determining which testing protocols are appropriate for your target market.