VLOG Certification

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What is VLOG?

VLOG logoVLOG certification is predominantly for and recognized by the German market, and controls the ‘Ohne GenTechnik’ (Non GMO) product seal.

With Germany seeking to import many food products from the UK (in particular dairy, pork and feed), ensuring that your products have the VLOG ‘Ohne GenTechnik’ mark is sure to give your company the competitive edge against others.

For a food product to be labelled ‘Ohne GenTechnik’ (Non GMO), it must follow the following set of specific criteria:

  • No genetically modified organisms (GMOs) or parts thereof in a product
  • No vitamins, aromas, enzymes or other food additives manufactured with the help of GMOs in the product
  • No GMO plants in animal feed, with strict time limits being observed if animals have at some point been reared on feed containing GMO plants

When buying food that carries the ‘Ohne GenTechnik’ (Non GMO) seal consumers will be assured that these three criteria are met.

Who needs VLOG certification and why?

Getting your products VLOG certified is a must for any company who is looking to trade with German retailers.

For almost two decades repeated surveys have reported that between 70 and 80% of German consumers prefer GMO-free food, and with nearly 100% of eggs in German supermarkets now being VLOG certified in Germany, there are no signs of this slowing down.

But how does that benefit your company? German consumers will always want to buy UK & EU products, and if you’re a company who holds the VLOG certification this will make you a sure option to buy from for their retailers.

VLOG represents the interests of those businesses that support GMO-free food, whether they are agricultural producers, food manufacturers, or retail chains.

How do I get my products VLOG certified?

VLOG certification is an annual process, which is achieved via an on-site audit.

Here at FoodChain ID Certification, the certification process means sending one of our experienced auditors to the processing site(s) to carry out a physical assessment.

After a successful VLOG audit with us, and a licence agreement with VLOG, food producers based outside Germany, even in countries without their own equivalent national regulation, may use the ‘Ohne GenTechnik’ (Non GMO) seal.

To take the first steps in becoming VLOG certified please contact us to assess the requirements of your business. We can then provide a competitive quotation.

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