COVID-19 Updates

Non-GMO Project Verification Program

Updated 4-3-20

Non-GMO Project Standard COVID-19 PVP Policy Update

In the light of the global COVID-19 pandemic, the Non-GMO Project has developed and released an interim COVID-19 Policy. The policy aims to address the impact of the current global pandemic on inspections, renewal documentation, and supply chain disruptions. FoodChain ID will guide our Non-GMO Project clients through the COVID-19 policy provisions.
These allow for the following:
  • Deferment of  onsite inspections for up to 90 days.
  • Evaluation pathways with conditionally extended timelines to submit renewal documentation.

Over the coming days our team will be emailing clients and posting messages as required to SupplyTrak regarding inspections and evaluation pathways available for renewal documentation and supply chain disruptions.

FoodChain ID Policy Updates

Desktop technical reviews via SupplyTrak will continue without disruption. If you have been contacted in the past about an inspection and have questions, reach out to us at or 641-469-6181.

Where possible and allowable, we are still conducting on-site inspections. At this time inspection cancellation fees will not be imposed. We will be working with each customer to efficiently re-schedule any affected inspections just as soon as it is safely possible.