GMO Testing for Taiwan exports

On February 2015, Taiwan’s Food and Drug Administration (TFDA) released new draft regulations on the labeling of food items containing GMO raw materials.
Under that draft, it was stipulated that effective June 1st 2015 all prepackaged foods, food additives, processed foods and unpacked foods with GMO content greater than 3% should be labeled.
These regulations on GM foods for exports into Taiwan also applies to soy beans and its derivatives such as soy powder, soy oil, soy protein, tofu, etc.With 20 years of experience in GMO Testing, FoodChain ID Testing’s dedicated team of technical and regulatory specialists can help you navigate the complex global regulatory landscape and fulfill market demands.

We design a tailored testing protocol, follow your samples from start to finish, and explain detailed results.  Ultimately, your sample is given the attention it deserves using the most cost-effective approach possible.

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