Responding to Audit Non-Conformances: Root Cause Analysis

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CERT ID White Paper Series-Issue 1- Series 4-Root Cause Analysis

CERT ID’s “Responding to Audit Non-Conformances: Root Cause Analysis” White Paper will cover highly relevant information that will assist you with understanding  how to implement your solution, review and evaluate the results, and reflect and act on what was learned.

The food industry has been introduced to the concept of third-party certification to help manage and control their food safety programs. Food manufacturers benefit from a food safety quality system that is based on GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) principles.
It is evident that a food manufacturer’s food safety program must encourage continual improvement to their existing program in order to be successful. Current GFSI benchmarking initiatives have introduced the concept of implementing root cause analysis as a tool for problem solving when a site is found not to be in conformance with their food safety standard.

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