How to get BRC Certified

BRC Certification may be achieved by following the steps outlined below. Get started by contacting us via our contact page.

Download a  FREE  PDF copy of BRC’s Global Standards from the  BRC Bookshop  to get started on your BRC certification path.

Determine your company’s readiness for beginning the BRC certification process by conducting a self-assessment for compliance.

The BRC certification process begins with selecting a licensed and accredited certification body (CB) and completing the required application. Get in touch with us via our contact page to request an application.

FoodChain ID Certification staff are readily available and knowledgeable in audit protocol requirements of the BRC Global Standards to assist all suppliers in successfully scheduling the on-site audit.

Complete the BRC Application in full and return to us!

Upon review of the completed application, a FoodChain ID Certification team member will do the following:

  • Determine audit duration according to Standard requirements
  • Prepare the Certification Proposal and Agreement for approval by the supplier
  • Assign a registered and qualified BRC auditor for category(ies) defined in the scope of audit of the Agreement
  • Schedule the on-site audit

Companies are assured that evaluation of a supplier’s BRC system by FoodChain ID Certification will be conducted with the highest degree of confidentiality, impartiality, and technical competence.
FoodChain ID Certification auditors meet rigorous BRC requirements including a passing score on BRC’s Category Exams.
Non-conformities observed by the auditor during on-site evaluation of the supplier’s BRC system against Standard requirements will be identified during the audit and summarized during the closing meeting.
Suppliers must then provide a root cause analysis and a corrective action plan to correct each assigned non-conformity and bring the system into compliance.

FoodChain ID Certification issues the certification decision following an independent technical review of the auditor’s evaluation and audit report. Where non-conformities are assigned, they must be corrected within the required timeframe and closed by the auditor and FoodChain ID Certification before a certification decision can be issued. After this, the certification details and audit report are uploaded to the BRC Directory.

A FoodChain ID Certification representative will contact certified suppliers before the recertification due date to schedule the next audit. This process serves as a reminder and assists suppliers in maintaining certification by scheduling within the required recertification period.
Failure of suppliers to recertify within the recertification period results in expiration of certification, and certification status will no longer be available on the BRC Directory.

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