BRCGS Storage & Distribution Certification

BRCGS Storage and Distribution is a Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) recognized certification program designed for companies that store and/or distribute food, consumer products and packaging material.

Certification to the BRCGS Storage and Distribution Standard is an internationally recognized mark of excellence which verifies a site’s good distribution practices. The goal of the Standard is to ensure that the quality and safety of products during storage and distribution are maintained. Certification is granted when a site demonstrates compliance with all requirements of the Standard during a third-party audit conducted by a BRCGS approved certification body (CB). The BRCGS ensures confidence in certification by rating approved CBs based on their technical performance and efficiency in customer service. FoodChain ID Certification is a highly-rated, accredited CB approved by the BRCGS to certify sites against the BRCGS Storage and Distribution Standard.

BRCGS certification is recognized for its rigor and international acceptance, which helps raise the credibility of the site and reduce supply chain audits. Certified storage and distribution operations can gain access to new markets as certification assures companies that their products will be managed in a safe manner, protecting against loss from activities such as temperature abuse, physical damage, and theft. Additionally, certified sites will be publicly listed in the BRCGS Directory marking the site’s achievement.

Standard requirements set forth an effective framework by which the site can better identify risks in its operation and threats to security. Requirements can also help improve operational efficiencies and reduce damage and waste through implementation of a quality management system. Finally, the Standard supports legal compliance and due diligence through contract, traceability and record keeping requirements.

Storage and distribution operations supplying companies with food, packaging or consumer products can benefit from BRCGS certification. Food products are particularly subject to contamination or adulteration if not managed in a controlled and secure environment. Operations managing food products at different points in the food supply chain (e.g. from grower to retailer or distribution center to individual stores) can achieve the necessary level of control by implementing a product safety management system in compliance with the Storage and Distribution Standard. In many cases, retailers and other supply chain partners may require a site to achieve certification to provide assurance that products are managed in accordance with safe and legal practices.

To support the variety of services often performed by storage and distribution operations, sites may expand their product safety management system to include activities such as wholesale storage, product inspection and contract packing, with the goal of certification against the relevant module. Certification demonstrates a site’s ongoing commitment to maintaining product safety and quality across the supply chain.

The cost of BRCGS certification depends on many factors regarding your facility, including the size of the facility and the scope that the certification needs to cover. To take the first steps in becoming BRCGS certified please contact us to assess the requirements of your business.

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