FoodChain ID Webinar On Demand

Nutraveris Online Data Solution: How to Quickly Obtain

Dietary Supplement Regulatory Compliance Information

Discover the most efficient data solution to create your dietary supplements with the new U.S. version of the Nutraveris Online Data Solution (NOL DS) platform.

While navigating the regulatory landscape is often complex and very time consuming, it is quick and easy when using Nutraveris Online Data Solution (NOL DS).  With this user-friendly platform, you can rely on finding up to date information to develop and substantiate label claims for dietary supplements in the U.S. as well as see what your competitors are offering. NOL DS provides access to regulatory information, scientific data, and a product library with information and images for 57,000 U.S. dietary supplements, including product labels and facts panel information to help your R&D group develop products.

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